Christmas Signal Flag Gifts – 2011

christmas signal flags gifts banners
Banner spells Christmas

Christmas Signal Flag Gifts – 2011

This year has flown by so fast, it’s hard to believe it’s already fall again! The Christmas holiday season is drawing near, and for made-by-hand products that means busy time. We never know how many orders we’re going to have at any given time, but for Christmas gifts, there’s a deadline. Folks would like their banners to arrive before the twenty-fifth.

Being a small company, making our own product gives us a lot of control over quality, materials, timing and so forth. But making Christmas gifts does present certain problems. Not every order is a gift, but we begin to make every order as it comes in. We don’t have a warehouse full of flags, waiting to be strung and shipped. Each flag has to be put together individually. So we set aside a percentage of our expected work to handle Christmas gifts.

We use UPS to ship our banners, excepting in those situations where they don’t deliver. That’s for P.O. boxes, military addresses and over water. Generally, UPS will guarantee delivery if a package is shipped by December 13th. We’ve found that packages often arrive before Christmas even if they go out a few days later. But UPS actually guarantees delivery by Christmas for the 13th.

What does that mean to you?

If you’re ordering our flags for gifts and want to ensure that they arrive before Christmas, please order before November 27th, 2011. That gives us the time we need to complete the order and get it in the mail by the 13th. We’ll be happy to take your order after that date, but if you do, we can’t promise delivery before Christmas.

Around the holidays, it’s possible we’ll hit our capacity. Rather than disappoint our customers, we stop taking new orders for a few days until we get caught up. Naturally, we don’t like doing that, and we’ll do our best to keep taking orders, but we never know.

We can only make a certain number of flags each week. To be fair to everyone, we’ve set up a scheduling system so that our expected ship dates are as accurate as we can make them. Even so, we sometimes get overloaded.

Our How to Order Page always lists our expected ship date, or when we will be accepting new orders if we have to pause the system. However; rest assured that if we have to stop taking new orders, all orders that have already been placed will be filled and shipped on time.

Gift Orders by Sunday November 27

November 27th is our cut-off date for flags that we’re “pretty sure” will arrive before Christmas. We can’t guarantee it absolutely, what with so many things outside our control, but we’re pretty sure the package will arrive. On the other hand, if we have too many orders, we may have to stop taking new orders before that date.

Your best policy is to order early.

Keep in mind that International Orders (over water) carry a $20 shipping fee at the time of purchase. To keep costs down, we tend to use the US Postal Service, and they aren’t nearly as reliable as UPS. Additionally, nobody knows what foreign postal systems are doing, so again, early is better when it comes to gift orders.

Please note also that for orders with a lot of flags, we’d like to hear from you by email before you order. That way we can work out our schedule to everyone’s best advantage.

IB Designs, USA


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