Bravo Zulu and Navy History

I recently found a site that talks more about the history of the BRAVO ZULU and some of the history behind it. Since we sell the Bravo Zulu Award Banner I wanted to share some of the key points behind it. The research was done by Ric Hedman. Here is a small part of it:
” Bravo Zulu is a naval signal, conveyed by flaghoist or voice radio, meaning “Well Done”; it has also passed into the spoken and written vocabulary. It can be combined with the “negative” signal, spoken or written NEGAT, to say “NEGAT Bravo Zulu”, or “not well done”. There are some myths and legends attached to this signal. To read the rest of the article click here.

Below is a picture of our BZ Signal Flag banner. The B is at the top of the rope ladder that we make followed by the Z They have been quite popular for both individuals that want to signify a job “Well Done” and also with business.

Bravo Zulu Award Banner Well Done

To see more pictures of the Bravo Zulu check out our website. We also created the Bravo Zulu crest on our BZ Page. We have a free down-loadable link on that page at the bottom.You are free to use the BZ crest for personal use, not for commercial re-sale. IB Designs Bravo Zulu Page

Bravo Zulu Crest IB Designs USA


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