Nautical Decorating Ideas – Home

If you love the sea or nautical decor and are looking for a way to decorate any room with style then our Signal Flags can tie it all together. Especially since you can personalize to spell with signal flag anything that you want. The picture below is one of our Vertical banners.  Although the room is nice size the Vertical Banner takes up very little wall space. The banner spells BEACH.
nautical decor vertical signal flag banner

The bedroom below has a Signal Flag Valance that spells WELCOME. Our flags have a casing at the top and will slide over any rod that is 3/4 inch or less. If you are using a cafe rod it will slide over 1/2 inch or less in diamater.

nautical valance signal flags home decor
Lastly you can also decorate your porch with Signal flags for a special occasion. Since our flags are made of high quality Kona cotton it’s best not to keep them out there long term as the sun can fade the fabric over time. The Horizontal banner spells WELCOME.
welcome banner porch home nautical
Our flags are machine washable in cold water and tumble dry low. It’s best not to use a dryer sheet when washing them as a few of our flags use Steam-a-Seam and they recommend not to use a dryer sheet.

No matter what the room signal flags add a nautical theme and some nice color!

IB Designs, USA


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