Summertime Nautical Beach Signal Flags

The weather is warming up and thoughts of going to the beach and taking a dip to cool off and spending some time outside after a long cold winter sound inviting. Signal flags make great decorations and our hand-crafted signal flags are made with Kona Cotton which is known for it’s quality and high thread count. A higher quality fabric extends the life of our flags with proper care. The white lining on the back of each flag is batiste. Anything you can spell, we can make.

As an example the first picture spells SEASIDE
seaside,banner,signal flags,ocean

The next picture shows our Vertical banner and spells BEACH
beach,vertical banner,sea, ocean
Lastly as you relax in the hammock and look at the view you could hang a horizontal banner with your name. This banner spells DAVID.
signal flag name hammock ocean nautical

Our flag are machine washable with cold water/tumble dry low.

IB Designs, USA


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