Need Fiskars Rotary Ruler

We cut a lot of material for our Signal Flags with the Fiskars Rotary ruler that we got a few years ago and it worked great. It’s a real time saver for us.  Fortunately we bought a back-up in case something ever happened. When the small piece broke probably due to wear we grabbed out back-up that we had in the closet.

We then went to buy another only to find out that Fiskars had discontinued the item a couple of years ago.  Seems like when a company makes something good it vanishes  never to be found again. We contacted them and they have no plans to bring it back. After searching on Google and finding all the different people that are looking for one it really makes you wonder what they were thinking of when they decided to no longer make it. Bad marketing decision.

Below is a picture of what it looks like. It is all in one with the ruler and the handle you see is where the blade is with a rail.  Here is the details: Save time and energy with this convenient rotary cutter and ruler in one. The orange and black grid of the rotary ruler can be seen on both light and dark fabrics. Ruler stays firmly in place when you cut. 24″ acrylic ruler with 45 mm rotary blade.

  • Rotary cutter and acrylic ruler in one
  • Ideal for repetitive cutting of fabric, felt, paper and more
  • Features a 24″ ruler and easy-to-read grid for precise measurements
    • Two-color grid ensures optimum readability on dark or light materials
    • Orange 1/8″ markings allow for precise measurements while black 1″ grid provides quick reference points
    • 30 degree, 45 degree and 60 degree bias lines are printed in two directions allowingleft- or right-handed use without turning
  • Rotary cutter is self-contained in a unique rolling-blade carriage
    • Blade automatically disengages when not in use
    • Blade is easily replaced without the use of additional tools

Fiskars Rotary Ruler
We orginally bought our first one a few years ago at Walmart  (Not the Superstores). I have also heard that some people bought theirs at JoAnn’s. We have searched locally but haven’t found one.

I am asking if any of my fans or someone reading this post finds one at a store to let us know.  If you could leave a comment we can always contact the store and see if they would ship it to us.


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