Signal Flag Banners- Horiz-Vertical-Valance

We came up with the idea of offering our 3 types of Signal Flags because there are so many different ways you can use them. We also thought that spelling out a secret message would be fun with our flags. It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost 6 years and still going strong. We make our flags out of a high quality cotton fabric. Below is a picture of all 3 types. The Vertical spells LON. The Horizontal banner spells US NAVY.  Lastly the Valance spells HOME.

3 signal flags types horizontal vertical valace banners
Our horizontal banners are meant to be hung either across a wall or could be hung in the backyard for reunions, retirement or parties with a nautical theme.

Below is a picture of PARTY spelled out in Signal Flags.
party banner nautical signal flags
Since the horizontal banners can be long depending on what you want spelled out in signal flags we came up with the idea of making our own rope ladder and hanging the flags on that for our vertical banners. It takes up a lot less wall space if you live in a apartment or small home.

Lastly the valances we think our great since with the casing at the top you just slide them onto a curtain rod that is 3/4 or less in diameter.

You can visit our website IB Designs, USA to see all 3 types.


One thought on “Signal Flag Banners- Horiz-Vertical-Valance

  1. Party..decorations signal flags for special occasions or..nautical decorhorizontal banners vertical ladders window..treatments……. International signal..flags are a colorful way to spell names messages or to..decorate..your home.

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