Signal Flags-Home-Garden-Patio

Our Vertical Signal Flags would make a great addition to your home, garden or patio. There are a few tips that are recommended if you decide to use them outside.  Since they are made of a high quality cotton it’s best not to hang them in direct sunlight long term as it can fade the brillant colors over time. Also it’s easy to bring them inside when it is raining or if there are storms or high winds. Below is a picture with a garden flag stand and our Vertical banner that spells HOME as an example.
vertical banner signal flags home garden

The next picture shows a close-up of the top of the Vertical banner. The banners come ready to hang and the ring at the top is 1″.  As long as the metal is below 3/4″ you can simply slide the banner on and you have a decorative banner that spells what you want.
close up top vertical signal flag banner home

Lastly if you buy a stand or if you have one already figure about 1 ft per flag plus the top is about 18″.  As an example if you were to order a 4 flag vertical banner it would be approximately close to 5 ft.

For ideas check out our Vertical page.


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