Creating a Nautical Room with Signal Flags

Adding a Nautical banner to any room can make a lot of difference. If you love the Nautical theme as many people do then our Signal Flags bring everything together. I have a collection of ships that I collect and sailing pictures and also a nautical valance.

The first picture shows a bedroom with a sailing bedspread and the Horizontal Signal Flag banner spells “I (heart) Sailing”.  Normally we put a space between each word but if you don’t have a lot of wall space just let us know when you order under “Special Instructions”
nautical bedroom signal flags sailing

The second picture is a Signal Flag Valance that spells “Devin” as an example. Depending on your window size you can order our Valance flags that slide easily over a standard curtain rod.

It dosen’t have to be expensive to decorate with a budget. Some of my best finds have been at second hand thrift stores and also yard sales. Most of all have fun with the decorating.

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2 thoughts on “Creating a Nautical Room with Signal Flags

  1. We like your site and have seen some of your things here in Newport at weddings.

    Is the signal flag translator you use proprietary to your business or is it a commercial app ?

  2. Thanks Gordon for liking our site. We have sold a lot of banners to the East coast and knew some were for weddings.

    As far as the translator it was a private person that made it and we asked for permission. We hope to have one of our own someday.

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