Signal Flag Testimonial- Miracle Child Comes Home

We have received some wonderful testimonials through the last 6 years thanks to our wonderful customers. I wanted to share this one with you as it is so special. The story touched our hearts. With her permission this is what she wrote:
” I can’t tell you how pleased I am with the flags we ordered!
My friend and I got together to complete a nursery for a very special little guy. Gracen was born with Down Syndrome AND without an esophagus over 2 years ago.  Soon after his birth here in Charleston, SC, he was flown to Boston Children’s Hospital where he has been for 20 major surgeries and 60 procedures that have required full anesthesia.

He remained in Boston until Thursday, March 31. He was flown back to Charleston . . . HOME . . . by air ambulance. About 80 of his friends and family were at the airport to greet he and his mom before being taken by ambulance ride to the Medical University Hospital here in Charleston.

He has never been out of the hospital and it looks like he will be released in about two weeks  We wanted to make sure he has the BEST nursery to come home to. Having a nautical theme from the bedding, we wanted to continue the theme with some signal flags to add color! Imagine my surprise and delight when I came across your website! I ordered them immediately not having any idea when we would get them and with no firm date on Gracen’s return we just had to wait!  They came in the day before we got word that he would be flying home!

The nursery was completed as a surprise to his parents, Jimmy and Misty, and they are OVERJOYED with it. They both have stood in the nursery and cried and cried at the thought of Gracen finally coming home to their house!

He is at MUSC for this final leg to get acclimated to the team here and he should be released in the coming weeks  to come HOME to his house where he has never spent a night.
Thanks, again, for putting the finishing touches on this very, very special room!

We are so happy that we were able to do this and played a small part in a Fantastic Homecoming that should be soon. We wish him all the best and he sure is a fighter.

Here is a picture of the banner that she took. It spells “GRACEN” in Signal Flags.

signal flag banner, nautical,miracle,nursery

This news link will take you to an article and video about Gracen!

IB Designs, USA



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