Nautical Wall Decorations-Transforming a Room-Signal Flags

I wanted to put together a post showing how a signal flag banner can transform a room along with the right furniture and paint. Through the magic of Paint Shop Pro I put the picture below changing from an ordinary room to a Nautical theme room.
nautical wall decorations home decor

When choosing your paint and trying to find a color most nautical rooms have a blue to green hue in them. Depending on your taste it can be anything from light to dark.  Lowe’s has Shimmering Pond colors in various hues that would look good. Tranquility is what you are after as far as the colors.

As far as furnitre you could look for finds at your favorite store or another option is to put Nautical Slipcovers over a old chair that is still comfortable.

The signal flag banner in the picture spells “I (Heart) Sailing” but you could spell out something that you like. Some of our customers have names for their boats and want a banner hanging at home spelling that. Also family names are popular.

For more nautical ideas with our fabric signal flag banners you can visit our website:

IB Designs, USA


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