Sailing News- Newport Bermuda Race

With Spring on it’s way in many areas I thought it would be fun to post about a long running race that try’s the skill of both men and women. Below is the start of the Newport Bermuda Race.

start newport bermuda sailing race

If the Newport Bermuda Race is any one thing, it’s historic. Founded in 1906 as the first ocean race for amateur sailors in normal boats, it has inspired other long-distance races, and has attracted almost 4,500 boats crewed by some 46,000 men and women who have raced nearly 3 million miles to Bermuda. It’s a blue-water habit obsession. More than 50 sailors have sailed at least 15 races, four have done 22 or more. The record is held by Jim Mertz – 30 races, two-thirds of the total. Asked after a rough race if he had enjoyed himself, a sailor snapped, “God, no, it was terrible! I’ll be damned if I’ll do it again until two years from now.” To read more : 100 Years of Thrashing to the Onion Patch by John Rousmaniere.

The 2012 Newport Bermuda Race will start on Friday, June 17 off Castle Hill in Newport, Rhode Island and ends off St. David’s Light, Bermuda after 630 miles of ocean sailing, including the fabled Gulf Stream.  The fleet generally numbers more than 200 competitors. Below is a picture of the course. Course info

sailing race course newport bermuda raceHome page of the Bermuda race

Lastly a picture of our signal flags that spells: I LOVE (heart) SAILING.

I love sailing signal flag banner

IB Designs, USA



One thought on “Sailing News- Newport Bermuda Race

  1. David s Lighthouse Division of the Newport Bermuda Race to win top honors. This is Rebovich s fourth successive Class 1 win and his second lighthouse win in a row at the Newport Bermuda Race.

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