Baseball Spring Training-Yankees-Rangers-Signal Flags

You can tell when Spring Training starts that warmer temps aren’t that far away. Growing up and going to the ballgame was something that we looked forward too.  Although you could watch it on TV it just wasn’t the same as when you were actually there. When the crowd roared as another home run flew out of the park you could feel the excitement. I remember how good the hot dogs tasted too and the peanuts.

If you have a room with a sports theme our signal flag banners could spell out your favorite team. You could hang it in your room or take it to the ballpark with you. Our signal flag are made out of cloth and designed to last a long time. They add a nice bright color to a room. This week I am doing 2 teams from the American league and next week a couple from the National league.

Below is a picture of our horizontal banner that spells YANKEES. Also when you order you could also add NY before it.  New York’s first spring training game is  Feb. 26 at 1:05 p.m. against Philadelphia in Tampa, FL.

yankees,baseball,signal flags,spring training

The next team that I chose is the Texas Rangers. They are located in Arlington, TX. The first game in spring training is Feb. 27 at 1:05 p.m. against Kansas City in Surprise Stadium. The Vertical banner below spells RANGERS. That banner would be about 7.5 ft long from top to bottom and ready to hang.

baseball,texas rangers,signal flags,spring training

Since we also offer Valances as signal flags you could pick any sports team that you want and hang it on a standard curtain rod as another option.

If you are looking for Sports Cards a friend of mine just launched her website. She is adding to it on a regular basis so if you don’t find what you want, check back often. Stewarts Cards or on Facebook-


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