Ideas for Creating a Nautical Room with Signal Flags

If you love the ocean and sea like I do creating a nautical room in your house is a great idea. It can be the living room, bedroom or your child’s room. Baby nurseries are another popular idea. As a customer once told me she loves starting out the day with a cup of coffee in her nautical room.  The tranquility is a good way to start off the day.

If you are going to paint the room a soft shade of blue or green or any color that is tranquil to you. This works well since the signal flags are brightly colored. Below is a picture with a nautical bedspread and our vertical banner that spells JOHN.

signal flags, nautical banner

Another example is the picture below which spell RZA. With the room being light blue it really shows off the signal flags.

nautical bedroom,signal flag vertical banner

I absolutely love the Signal Flag quilt on this bed and the valance ties this room together.

signal flag valance nautical

In my nautical living room I have been able to purchase ships, sailboats and nautical theme items at second hand shops. Once you have in mind what accessories you want to complete the room have some fun decorating. Lastly since our signal flag can be framed they also would make a good wall decoration. By purchasing a frame it’s easy to frame them. Check out our How to Order page for Framed Flags for more info.

IB Designs, USA


4 thoughts on “Ideas for Creating a Nautical Room with Signal Flags

  1. Monika

    Love the way you’ve put this all together. Great info – wonderful pictures and very interesting and informative. Thank you so much for helping me to get started.

  2. Nancy Potts

    Where did you get the signal flag bedspreads and shams? Did you get them recently? I used to have some, but they got very faded; now I’m looking for a twin set for a room I’m doing, and I can’t find any. My old ones came from LL Bean, but they no longer carry them. I’d really appreciate it if you know where I can buy them now. Thank you so much!

  3. No, these are a friends and she got them quite awhile ago. Think that she got them at LL Bean also. I did a search and couldn’t find any for sale but will keep a eye out and if I find them will let you know. It’s a shame that LL Bean quit selling them as they are really cool looking.

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