IB Designs, USA 2010- Year in Review

As we approach 2011 I tend to think back on this year and realize how much progress we have made.  A few months from now we will have been in business for 6 years and each year keeps getting better and better. We will always be a micro business but that is fine with us. We think of our products as a artistic venue with signal flags.

Last April we reformatted the whole website making it a lot easier to navigate to our various pages.  By doing that you could easily go to the horizontal banner page or the vertical page or the valance page.  Of note we also added last Spring the BZ Banner page which signifies a “Well Done” in signal flags. Each page also has up at the top tabs that you can click to got directly to where you want to go. Also we added a Product page that shows are various kinds of banners and at the bottom added a Signal Flag coloring book that you can download for free.

2010 has been an extremely busy year for us with orders for wedding banners, birthday gifts and home decorations to name a few. Names are always popular.

We have been using a Pfaff 1142 for a few years but last July we bought a Pfaff Grand Quilter which is a semi-industrial machine. What a difference that has made. On some of our flags they can get thick depending on which one we are making. This machine goes through the material so easily. I have been sewing for a lot of years and this is the best machine I have worked with. The quality of the stitching is superior.

Another change we made this summer was to go more to Kona Cotton. It’s a quality fabric and although it’s more expensive it is worth it to get a really great flag. Quality is very important to us and so is customer service.  My valance is almost 3 years old now and is holding up great!

Orders have remained steady through most of the year thanks to the wonderful customers that we have,!

Below is a picture that I put together for 2011 for fun!
signal flags,new year,banners,valance
Top-Horizontal Banners spells HAPPY
Middle-Left Vertical Banner spells NEW
Bottom-Center Valance spells YEAR

Happy New Year from IB Designs, USA


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