A Signal Flag Christmas Collection

Each year I try to put together a Collage of our 4 types of signal flag banners together. They make great gifts year-round. Here is a brief description of our banners. All of our banners come ready to hang right out of the package except for the valances that hang on a curtain rod that you have.

Horizontal Banners– These are hung on a rope as seen with the signal flag banner that spells CHRISTMAS

Vertical Banners– These are ideal if you don’t have a lot of wall space since they go downward. The vertical signal flag banner to the right spells JOY.

Valances These come to you ready to hang on your curtain rod that is 3/4 in or less. You can hang them in one window or two depending on what you want to spell.

BZ Award Banner– BZ in signal flags means WELL DONE and would make a great gift anytime of year. As seen below on the left side.

signal flag banners christmas

Home Page- IB Designs, USA


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