Sea History Magazine- IB Designs Signal Flags

We are proud to be a sponsor for Sea History Magazine. They have both a website and a quarterly magazine.  IB Designs, USA is on the list for the first time and we hope to be there for a number of years.  Here is a link to the Featured Advertiser Page and as you can see there are some great places to visit.  We are about half-way down the page.

For those that aren’t familiar with Sea History this is from their website:

” Sea History is recognized as the pre-eminent journal of advocacy and education in our field, covering the world of maritime museums, sail training, art, literature, lore, and learning of the sea with a national focus and an international scope. Sea History magazine is published quarterly and carries stories on ships and the sea both past and present. “

The next issue is coming out on Nov 12th.  They also have a Ship’s Store and also Marine Art if you are looking for a Nautical gift for that special someone.
IB Designs, USA

sea history ship


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