Pfaff GrandQuilter Hobby 1200- A Great Machine we Bought

A couple of months ago I bought a Pfaff Grand Quilter Hobby 1200 since with our business we do quite a bit of sewing.  As our orders keep increasing we spend more and more time and needed a machine that was could handle a lot of use.  I have been sewing for over 40 years and I can say that this is one of the best sewing machines that I have bought.  It is a semi-industrial machine and goes through heavy or light fabric easily. Below is a stock photo of it.
Pfaff GrandQuilter Hobby 1200

It has lots of features and if you click this link you can see the list of everything that it does and what it includes.  Two things that I especially like is the large removable extension table that you can slide on to give you more work area.  The table is  24“ x 16“.  I use it when I am making large items such as lately an ironing board cover, monitor cover and sewing machine cover. When we make the signal flags we tend to leave it off as they are a lot smaller.

The other feature it has is a knee lift. This works great when you are at corners and with the needle in you use the knee lift which lifts the presser foot up and keeps your hands free. Our letter W is a great example with sewing on the white square as shown below.
signal flag W navy

Also you can adjust the presser foot weight according to what fabric you are using. Another great feature is the needle threader especially when you are sewing quite a bit and your eyes are getting tired. There is a learning curve a bit on that on getting the thread just right when pulling the loop through.

Lastly since it stitches at 1600 spm (stitches per minute)  you do need to use a quality thread to prevent breakage.  I use Maxi-Lock and haven’t had any problems with breaking thread.  I am sure there are other great threads.

We are critical of our flags and the workmanship that goes into them and we want them to be perfect for our customers.  By being able to adjust the machine to our needs I think our signal flag look even better and are built to last.

IB Designs, USA


24 thoughts on “Pfaff GrandQuilter Hobby 1200- A Great Machine we Bought


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  3. This post would make my hubby a happy camper if he was still inclined to sew. He enjoyed sewing for many years, tailoring men’s pants and garments. If he had the time, he’d be still doing it today

  4. I bought a Paff Hobby Grandquilter with a Pfaff Grace Company quilting table. I would like
    to sell it because I hurt my right shoulder and arm and I can’t machine quilt. Do you know of anyone that would be interested in one. It is in perfect condition and clean condition .

  5. Sorry to hear about your shoulder. I don’t know anybody off hand but by approving your comment people will view it when they visit my blog. It would help if you could post what you think you want for it. Also if I knew what price you want and run across someone I would know. Is it both the Pfaff machine and also quilting table? Kathy

  6. Yes, it definitely would. I am always amazed at the amount of thickness it can go through. This coming summer will be 3 years since we got it. It gets used 5 days a week. Would recommend. Also semi-industrial!

  7. Needing your advice

    I have a Pfaff Hobby Grand Quilter 1200 that is excellent condition that was my mother-in-laws who loved to quilt. I am sorry to say that she lost her battle to cancer. I would like to find a home that it would get used. I don’t even know where to begin to look or what the value would be. Could you quilt lovers help guide me in finding a home where it would get plenty of use and love. Thank you for any recommendations that you might have.

  8. Thanks for commenting and hope someone sees this. Also have you tried you local quilt or sewing store. They sometimes sell used machine and might be able to also tell you what it is worth.

  9. Maggie

    I am looking for a good used quilting machine and have been reading different blogs to gather as much information as possible. I’m wondering what a fair price would be for a used one? Also, ” Needing your advice” did you sell your mother-in-laws & can I ask what the price was?

  10. Maggie, thanks for visiting. I have had mine for several years now and back then a new Pfaff Grandquilter cost about $1500.00. I bought mine on Craigslist for about half that and was lucky. I would say a fair price would be around $1000.00 without the frame but like I said it’s been several years since I checked prices. I only have the 1 machine and use it daily and have no mother-in-law so maybe that was for someone else. Hope this helps. Kathy

  11. Susan Kliewer

    Is there an on-line version of the manual available for the Pfaff Hobby Grand Quilter 1200? Thanks.

  12. Susan Kliewer

    Thank you. I found the link and will try it. I’m sure I’ll find mine as soon as I complete the download!!!!

  13. Jennifer

    Could you please help me to understand how the tension works on my grand quilter, do you have a YouTube on how to achieve this, mainly adjusting the top tension.

  14. Hi Jennifer. Thanks for the visit to my blog. I don’t have a You Tube video.To help with the top tension there is a knob on the left hand side in front to adjust tension. Since we use invisible thread mine is set to the right. I will see if I can find something that would help you.

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