Long Signal Flag Banners-Home-Wedding-Party-Business

I didn’t realize how many  Signal Flag Banners we have made in the last 5 years that were quite long in length. This blog post is to show some of the ones that we have done in the past.  Our customers have  come up with some creative ways to use our signal flags. The banner below spells “The Klein Inn”

nautical bedroom signal flags

One business contacted us about making two long banners for their company picnic in which they were going to have a scavenger hunt and our flags would be part of the clues.  Below is one of the banners that we  made for them. This wasn’t the best lighting and the colors are more vibrant than the picture shows.  If you can read signal flags you will know what it spells 🙂

signal flag banner business
Weddings have been another way to express a nautical theme either at a reception or a outdoor wedding.  Pictured below is a banner that we did for a wedding.

Lastly I put this collage together of some of the pics with some long banners. As you can see some decided to break up the words into multiple banners to make it easier to hang. Also works great if you don’t have a long section of wall. All our signal flags are made out of a cotton/polyester blend and stay vibrant in color.

collage signal flag banners

IB Designs, USA


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