Nursery Decorating – Signal Flags and Wooden Alphabet Letters

Since so many of our customers order their child’s first or last name with signal flags I came up with the idea of having both the signal flags and also wooden letters spelling whatever name you want.  That way anyone that couldn’t read signal flags would also see what they spell out.  Although I am featuring a baby’s nursery the concept would work for any room you wanted to decorate nautically. The picture below shows our horizontal banner that spells Noah
noah signal flag banner nautical

You can buy unfinished letters at most craft stores.  Here is a link to Hobby Lobby’s Alphabet Letters . By getting them unfinished you can then either paint them or stain them to fit with the decor of your room.  Also they are available in different sizes so you will be sure to find a size that fits the room you want to decorate.

Below is a mural of a lighthouse and our signal flag valance that spells Devin
devin signal flag valance wood letters

If you don’t have a lot of space then our vertical signal flag banners would look really good also. Here is the name Kathy with wooden letters.
kathy vertical signal flags wood letters
IB Designs, USA


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