Coastal Decor Framed Signal Flags

One of the things about our business that’s a lot of fun, is hearing from our customers. We’ve gotten all sorts of cool ideas for using signal flags over the years, some of which we might never have come up with on our own. We’d never heard of a Bravo Zulu, for example, until someone asked about it. This is the letters B and Z, and means “well done” in maritime circles. That led us to offer the two flags as a special award, ready to hang. Did you know that Fed Ex has a formal BZ award as part of their employee incentive system? We didn’t, until we saw some tee shirts.

Someone else wanted to buy a number of flags to be used in a quilt. We exchanged emails to be sure we got everything right, and concluded that our horizontal rope flags with 1″ casings would work the best. The customer used the “special instructions” box on our order form to remind us that we didn’t need to send along any rope. That worked out perfectly!

Another idea we came across was to use picture frames to hang individual signal flag letters on a wall. It’s easy to do, using 11×14″ frames for the flags. You can use a matte, or not, but we’re thinking the background matting helps with a three-dimensional look. The framing could even be a shadow-box. At first, this was just an interesting way to use individual flags, but then we realized that it’s a terrific way to use flags from a party banner.

We sell rope banners for celebrations, like “Just Married,” or “Jane Loves John,” and things like that. Maybe they’re for a wedding and reception, or maybe for a holiday party or family get-together. But that leaves the question of what to do with the banner when the celebration is over.

One option would be to take a few of the significant letters, like someone’s initials, and frame them. Another option is to order one or two additional flags that can be framed later. If the actual banner is missing one of the initials, just order that as an extra flag.

We thought of just selling framed flags. Then we figured that a picture frame is personal, what with it having to fit in with color schemes and decorating themes. We thought we’d offer plain flags, but that got to be a problem with the way our order form works. Finally, we realized it’s quite simple. If you’d like to buy a couple of flags suitable for framing, just email us! How easy is that?

Here’s a picture done in Paint Shop Pro, where we’re spelling the name JOSH in signal flags in a nautical nursery.

frames,nautical nursery,signal flags,costal decor

As you can see, they’re framed individually, making it easy to hang the frames anywhere. Since we make the flags out of real fabric, they’ll last for years. Now that we’re aware of it, we’re noticing pictures in restaurants all the time. This would work really well in a bed-and-breakfast, restaurants along a beach, bars with nautical decorations or any place with an ocean decor.

IB Designs, USA


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