Great Nautical Gifts-Flowers and Signal Flags

I recently had a Birthday and my significant other gave me a flower bouquet. His idea when talking to the florist was to incorporate my initials KF with the same color in flowers as the flags. That got me to thinking what a great gift it would be for a nautical lover to get something special for their birthday, anniversary or any occasion to celebrate. You could hang it in your home, boat or yacht.

The picture below is the actual bouquet and through the magic of Paint Shop Pro he has the K signal flag and the F signal flag in the background.

flower bouquet signal flags birthday

Below is a picture of our Vertical Signal Flags with the letters or initials “MEO” as a example. You could also choose a full name.  As you can see with the colors of the flags being red, blue, yellow and white the flowers would have a nice variety of different kinds. You could hang the banner on the wall with the flowers nearby and decorate any room in your house.

vertical signal flag banner

I also decided to dry and press some of the flowers and when they dry out in a few weeks will frame them. It will make a lasting memento of the flowers and the signal flags.

IB Designs, USA


5 thoughts on “Great Nautical Gifts-Flowers and Signal Flags

  1. What a great idea! I like those flags, too. I’m wondering if you could maybe frame them too? Maybe put each flag in its own frame, then put them on each side of the pressed flower arrangement, which would be in its own frame.

  2. Thanks for your nice comment. We have had several customers request our horizontal flags and not have the rope. Our flags look great framed and add a nautical touch to any room. With a few frames you could spell out a name. On our website all you would have to do is order horizontal flags and under special instructions state that you are going to frame them.

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