Decorate your Bedroom with Nautical Signal Flags

Nautical themes are popular for any room of the house but especially for the bedroom. What a nice way to start the day surrounded  by the peace and tranquility of a ocean or nautical theme. Signal flags can tie together the nautical lamps, wallpaper,wall hangings…etc. Below I wanted to share 3 pictures as examples.

The first one is a Valance that spells “ADVENTURE” hung on a rod. Although rods are known for windows anywhere you want to hang a rod securely would work. Our flags are meant to slide easily over any rod 3/4 in or less. If using a round dowel type it would have to be a little less. You can always email us if you need the casing to be wider for your particular rod. We can customize.

nautical,signal flags,valance, decorating

The second picture shows a Vertical banner that spells “WOL” hung in a boys room. We can spell anything that you want and they come ready to hang right out of the package.

vertical signal flags bedroom boys decorating

Lastly here’s a Nautical bedroom with our Horizontal banner and spells “SEASIDE”.

seaside signal flag banner nautical

Check out our website for more ideas- IB Designs, USA


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