Signal Flag Coloring book- Free Download at IB Designs, USA

We recently added a Signal Flag coloring book that children, grandchildren or kids of any age can enjoy to our website.  This would be  great year-round but especially as a summertime activity and they would also learn the Navy signal flag alphabet as they went along. Below is the front cover of the coloring book:

signal flag coloring book free download

Located at the bottom of our Products Page is a free download in PDF. Simply click and it wil open a PDF file that you can save using: “FILE – Save Page As…” from the Adobe Acrobat Reader main menu.  Quite a number of our orders go to children rooms to decorate with their names and we thought this would be fun for them also.

Below is an example of the letter C  in the coloring book. There are 2 flags per page for a total of 13 pages. To make more than 1 of a letter, print the page with that letter again. For example, to spell “BOBBY,” print 3 copies of the page with A and B on it.

signal flag C coloring bookYou can cut out each flag, along with the “rope” tabs at the top on either side of the white casing. (Note: This activity isn’t recommended for very young children. Older siblings or parents should do the cutting.)

Lay the tabs on top of each other, then use transparent tape to stick them together in a line (like paper dolls). Lines of paper flag banners can be taped together and put up on a refrigerator, bulletin board and so forth.

You only need 4 colors for these flags since the page is white. You will need

IB Designs, USA


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