Signal Flag Size and Perspective Examples

Although we have mentioned many times both on here and our website that our signal flags are 8 in x 8 in (except for the A and B which are 9 in long) it doesn’t really give you a visual.  If you were to measure from the shoulder up to the top of your head on the average it would be 8-9 inches. The below picture should help give you an idea.

signal flag,sizes

Also by using common objects you can get a sense of size. The Convenience store below shows a picture of our signal flags hung over a standard door. Note that the signal flags are about the size of the woman’s head. This vertical banner spells “OPEN  “.

My friend Craig had some fun with this and if you look above the door you will see that this store sells signal flags.  Maybe a great idea because you never know when you will have a signal flag emergency.  Also since most convenience stores are open 24/7 they will always be open for you.

signal flag,convenience store

Check out our IB Designs, USA Product Page for more ideas .

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