Signal Flag Pennants & Graduation Ideas

Until recently we only offered the signal flag letters, but not the number pennants.  We are happy to announce that all that has changed!  We now offer as part of our product line the number pennants 0 through 9.  There are so many different uses for numbers: Boat numbers, years, radio call signs, etc….

Below is an example of a graduation party using the current year (2010).  If you are planing a high school, college or any other graduation party, the combination of both the flags and pennants would be great!

graduation signal flags pennants party
The next picture, below, shows what the pennants look like for each number.

signal flag pennants numbers

Lastly, is a picture of the number pennant 2. This shows both the front and the back of our flags.

Each pennant is 8 inches wide at the top and tapers down to 3 inches wide at the bottom. They’re 12 inches long, with a casing of about 1 inch. The casing is 1 in wide for the horizontal banners and 1- 5/16″ on valance flags, so the flags will slide over a standard curtain rod.

signal flag pennat number 2
One thing that I wanted to mention is that we think pennants will look great on either the horizontal rope banners or valances.  But we don’t recommend the pennants for our vertical ladders. Of course it’s your choice, but with the pennants being 12 in long, it would make for an oddly out-of-balance banner on the verticals.

Product page IB Designs, USA


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