Signal Flags Everywhere!

Well, it’s springtime here at IB Designs, USA, and summer is fast approaching.  Each year we like to get the old boat out of storage and haul it down to the lake.  We’ll putter around, fishing sometimes, or just soaking up the sun. The important thing is that we’re doing our part to spread literacy around the world.

Here’s our boat, with all the sails hoisted and filled with wind. It doesn’t take much work, except when it comes to laundry, but hey…what can you do. We particularly like having sails made out of signal flags.

signal flags clipper cruise ship

Okay, just kidding about the boat.  It’s not really ours.  We decided on something that gets better gas mileage.  In fact, this is a portrait of Star Clippers “Royal Clipper” cruise ship, the largest fully-rigged tall ship in the world.  You can book a cruise and sail the Mediterranean whenever you’re in the mood to get away.  In real life, there’s no such thing as signal flag sails, but we like playing with Paint Shop Pro.  A lot, obviously.

This picture shows almost all the nautical signal flag letters and numbers (but not all of them) as if they were actual sails.  We thought it was pretty cool, so we’re sharing it with our readers.

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