Bravo Zulu Signal Flag Crest and Award Sheet

We got to thinking that quite a few of our customers would be giving the Bravo Zulu (BZ) banner that we make as gifts. Although they would know what the meaning is by reading on our website when ordering, the recipient would not necessarily know.  If they are getting this as an award or recognition for a job “Well Done” we thought that if they took this home,  it would be great to include the meaning of the BZ Award along with a nice crest.

We came up with a nautical heraldic crest for the top of the documentation that comes with the banner.  Although the picture below is in color on the Web, it’s in black and white on the description sheet. We do, however, include a color signal flag alphabet list with all of our orders.

IB Designs BZ Signal Flag Crest
Below is the first paragraph to give you an idea of what is on the award and care sheet.

Congratulations, you’ve received a Bravo Zulu award made with the letter “B” and “Z” in Navy signal flags. In the Navy, Coast Guard and other marine services, this pair of flags has come to be a recognition of a job well done, and the achievement of excellence.

BZ Banner page

Please note that since these are hand-crafted if you are ordering in quantities of 4 or more  please email us and we will be able to tell you how long it would take to ship your order.


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