Signal Flags for Parties-Graduations-Picnics- Reunions

With Spring finally arriving thoughts of outdoors and parties come to mind. Graduations, barbecues and outdoor Birthday parties are just a few. If you are having a nautical theme party hanging a banner that spells “Party” or the name of a person would make a great choice. The picture below shows our Party Banner strung on a rope and ready to hang right out of the package.

Party Signal Flag Banner
Below is a banner that spells “Ethan” as an example but we can make anything that you want to spell.

Signal Flag name Ethan
The banner below spells “Welcome” which would be great at a Picnic or Reunion and could be used for people that want to find you once they are in the park.  When sending the invitations tell them to look for the Welcome banner or the last name.  Below is the Vertical banner spelling Welcome but could also be a horizontal depending on which you prefer.

Welcome banner

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