IB Designs, USA has a New Look

It’s hard to believe that a little over 5 years have already gone by since we started IB Designs, USA.  We are in the midst of changing our website to make it easier to navigate.  It’s like losing an old friend but gaining a new one.  Our original website was just a 1 page flyer and we only sold horizontal banners. Basically as we added products we created a page for each of them and kept adding to it.  Here’s a pic from a few years ago.

old image of website
We added the Vertical Banners about 4 years ago and the Valances around 3 years ago.  We continued to add pages with the Testimonial page and more recently the BZ Award page. Each time that we added a new product line we put an icon that symbolizes different nautical items. A good example is our monkey knot. If you click on that you go to our translator page. Each image on our home page takes you to different pages.  On the sidebar here on my blog you can click to go to any of our pages on our website.

We are excited about out new pages with a different color scheme and also up near the top you can click to view our various pages just below the banner.  At this time you will see a mixture of both the old and the new pages but will be completed soon. Pardon our dust 🙂 We also added a new products page to our website which gives you a quick synopsis of each of our different lines of banners.  Below is a screen shot of our new home page.

updated ib designs webpage
Hope you like it as much as we do. We have changed our look but not the great flags you have come to know. IB Designs, USA


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