Decorating on a Budget- Creating a Nautical Room

Although times may be hard it is still possible to decorate a room and not spend a lot of money.  Whether what you call home is an apartment or a mansion or something in between almost everyone wants a room that they can relax in after a hard day.  Decorating can be fun and enjoyable without breaking the bank.

Our Valances are quite popular and although you can spell whatever you want you can also choose to pick out some of you favorite flags that don’t spell anything in particular but will brighten up the room.

Below is a picture of IB Designs, USA Alphabet

nautical signal flag alphabet

Here is  a picture of my own living room with the Valance spelling “Adventure”.  Valance page

Signal flag Valance

Here is a Sailboat lamp that would add a nice nautical touch to any room. It can be found at Home and Gifts- Nautical Decor

Sailboat lamp
If you are decorating a porch with a Nautical theme our Vertical Signal flag banners add a nice touch.  The picture below spells “Favorites” in Signal flags. Vertical Page. The price would depend on how many flags you choose. The banner comes ready to hang right out of the package.

Signal Flag Vertical Banner

Lastly some of our customer’s have emailed us and ordered the flags without any rope and bought a picture frame along with matting and put the signal flag inside it.  Although we don’t sell the frames they would look well in them. If this is an option you would like feel free to email us.

Although you could spell any name or message that you want some of our customers just want pretty flags and colors to hang on the wall. It’s your choice. Below is an example of how they would look.

Signal Flags framed

Top Left- Letter  Z               Top Right- Letter L

Center- Letter F

Bottom Left- Letter  Y       Bottom Right- Letter W


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