A Year in Review- 2009

This time of year we tend to look back and reflect on all that has happened before the New Year rolls in. Things that we could have done better and things that worked out better than we imagined. 2009 marks our 5 year anniversary as far as being in business.

IB Designs, USA has stayed fairly stable throughout the year which in this economy is something to be proud about.  We owe it all to great customers who love our Signal Flags.  If there is one thing that I could change this year it would be to put back to work those that have lost their jobs.

Last spring we added Google Checkout to our website to have 2 options for our customers to choose from when paying. This was a great addition with an overwhelming majority using it.

Last Fall we introduced a new product line with our BZ Award Banner that is becoming popular.

The picture below represents all our products:
Valance spells Christmas
Vertical spells Noel
Horizontal Banner spells Holiday
And lastly our BZ Award Banner

Merry Christmas!

IB Designs, USA


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