Ten Gift Ideas for the Sailor in your Family

If you are looking for gift ideas for that sailor or boater in your family then look no further.  Here are some gift ideas that they would love. With the holidays approaching it’s always hard to buy gifts for people that have everything. To make it even better some of the items could be personalized just for them.

Gifts for Sailors and boaters
Gifts for Sailors

As pictured above from top to bottom and left to right:

1. Signal flag banner that spells ” I (heart) Sailing

2 Compass- So they will never get lost again!

3. Maritime Clock- For when you want to know the time.

4. Captains Hat- I chose the Captains hat but whatever style your boater or sailor would be comfortable in would do.  This would also be great to personalize.

5. Weather Radio- This is a must have to always stay on top of when you are out to sea.

6. Stabilized Binocular- Being stabilized when the waters are rough really helps when you are trying to see far away.

7. Tide Clock- A must have especially as you come into port.

8. Hand-held Spotlight- Great for everyday and also in case of emergencies.

9. Signal Flag Tote bag- With  3 sizes you can use it as carry-all for all the things you need to take with you for your outing.

10. Windbreaker- Great gift and something they will be glad that they have when the weather changes. This also could be personalized with their own name, boats name or yacht club.

Most of the items above can be found either online or at your favorite nautical or marine shop. The tote bag with the  Personalized Signal Flag pocket can be found at our Bonanzle shop- Navy Signal Flags .

To order a Signal Flag Banner check out our website at  IB Designs, USA for Horizontal (as shown in picture) or our Vertical or Valances.

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