Signal Flag Sets have only 1 of each letter-Repeaters Needed

When you buy a complete set of International signal flags you get the 26 letters of the alphabet, 10 pennants for each number and a set of 3 substitutes or also called repeaters.  Here’s a picture of the 3 repeaters.

Repeaters or also called Substitutes are used when there is a duplication of a letter since you only have 1 of each letter. As an example below is a picture of a boat with the word MERMAID. If you read it from the top down you can see the M and then the E and R. The next letter would be the M again and that is where the repeaters is in the picture.


Lot’s of words have repeat letters so that is why there is repeat 1,2,3.  Since we can make as many letters as you want in the above picture we would just make the M twice to spell the word.

Generally the complete sets can be expensive and range in price for the size 0 from $500-1000.  Here is a link as an example of a complete set Their signal flags are made out of nylon and made to endure rough weather, salt water, high winds….etc.

We only make the 26 letters of the signal flag alphabet and not the repeaters. Also our flags are made from a poly/cotton blend and designed more for decorative use.
We are working on adding the pennants at some point. The cost for the 26 letter flags is $247.00 . Check out our website for more details.

IB Designs, USA


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