Navy Ship Fully Dressed with Signal Flags

I have mentioned in quite a few of my posts about fully dressed ships. On the Navy site I found this picture that was released of the USS Bridge.  Something I would love to see.  Click on image to enlarge.


040624-N-9999C-001 Bremerton, Wash. (June 24, 2004) – The U.S. Navy’s fast combat support ship USS Bridge (AOE 10) is decked out with bunting and signal flags in full dress ship during ceremonies for her official transfer from the Navy’s combatant fleet to the Military Sealift Command’s (MSC) combat logistics fleet aboard Naval Base Bremerton, Wash. U.S. Navy photo by Mr. Larry Crutchfield (RELEASED)

You can see why the signal flags come in large sizes.  In the picture above they seem small compared to the size of the ship. In order to be seen for miles when out at sea.

Ours are small ( 8″ x 8″ ) so that you can bring a nautical touch into your home or on your boat. IB Designs, USA


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