International Signal Flags Around the World

International Signal Flags
International Signal Flags

International signal flags are known around the world and our enjoyed by both young and old.  Their is no age limit as all love the secret  messages that they spell and the vibrant colors.  We all love something that is different and unique.

In today’s world we are just a cog in the wheel and tired of the same old, same old.  It seems that no matter where you go that we live in a one-size fits all society.  Because our signal flags are different we can break out of the mold and decorate our home in a unique way.

Signal flags were originally made of nylon and larger so that they could be seen for miles on the ships that went out to sea.  Our signal flags are made out of a polyester/cotton blend and made 8 in by 8 in so that they would fit comfortably in a home, inside your boat or yacht or anywhere you want a touch of nautical decor. We offer horizontal, vertical and valances.  We have retained the pattern but rotated the flags so that they hang downward as seen in our alphabet below.


Retired military look back to the time that they served.  Because we can spell anything that you want you can personalize the banner to spell something that is special to you.  If you are looking for something whether you are in the military or not that is unique our signal flags fit the bill.

We have had quite a few customers that spell their last name with a signal flag banner and plan to pass it down to future generations.

IB Designs, USA


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