Signal Flag Repairs and Orientations

I love going to the Navy site and seeing some of the pictures that are released. The signal flags that are made for the US Navy are made out of nylon. Due to high winds and salt build up they have to be repaired or replaced from time to time. The picture below is a good example that when you are in the Navy there are many duties.

020517-N-0111R-002 An SM3 aboard USS La Salle mends a seam on a signal flag before hoisting it high on the mast of the auxiliary command ship. (All Hands magazine photo by: PH2 Todd Reeves, August 2002, pg. 45.)

Our decorative flags although modeled after the US Navy are rotated 45 degrees as shown in the picture below so that they hang downward. We make our flags out of a poly/cotton blend that is high quality and will last indefinitely. This is the letter “A” in signal flags


IB Designs, USA


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