Signal Flags and Advertising your Business

Quite a few business have used our flags as a form of advertising by spelling out the name of their store with Navy signal flags.

As you have probably seen in a million places car lots have those little plastic triangles streamers from one corner to another trying to catch the eye so that people will remember them.  They are cheaply made and don’t last and in the long run when you consider the cost to replace them your not saving at all.  Here is an example of what I am talking about.
jpg-plastic-streamersRecently I did a couple of posts on Montana. One attraction out there is the Big Fork Inn.  Here is a picture with our signal flags spelling “Big Fork”.

Boating Marinas  have also hung our nautical signal flags banners.  Signal flags can be used for so many different uses.  Our flags are made with a high quality fabric that will last for quite a long time.  From nurseries to yachts and every place in between.

IB Designs, USA
Horizontal, Vertical and Valances.  Signal Flags for all Occasions.


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