Beach, Bar-B-Que and Signal Flags

The weather was so nice and warm today that it gave me thoughts of signal flags on the beach. We were in the low 80’s today for the first time this season. Thoughts of hamburgers or steaks right off the grill sounds appetizing after a long cold winter.

If you are planning a Bar-B-Que and want people to be able to find you on a crowded beach why not put up a couple of umbrella’s and tie one of our signal flag banners between the two umbrellas.  I think it would be fun to make a game out of it.  Have your friends try to decipher what the signal flag banner spells. If they guess correctly they get an extra portion of food or something.

As seen in the picture the banner spells “Bar-B-Que” as an example. You could easily substitute your family’s name or anything that you want to spell. Stand out from the crowd.  Anything you can spell, we can make. Each hand-crafted banner is unique.

Check out our website: IB Designs, USA to order yours.


2 thoughts on “Beach, Bar-B-Que and Signal Flags

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