Montana Lakes & Signal Flags-Part 1

Since Montana has some beautiful country I decided to do some examples of lakes and signal flags. Although we have received orders from all over the US we have yet to have any from Montana.  Navy signal flags tend to be more popular on the east coast near the ocean and also the west coast along the ocean.

Here is a brief overview of the area

“To be accurate, there are actually two rivers, the Flathead and Swan rivers supply clean fresh water to Flathead Lake year-round. Created by Ice Age glaciers, almost thirty miles long and fifteen miles across at it’s widest point, Flathead lake is the largest natural lake in western U.S.  A 160 mile shoreline and water covers nearly two-hundred square miles of Montana – and at 300 feet deep, you’d better restring your fishing reel with some extra line. ” To read more about the area click here

I may be partial but I think that anywhere there is water signal flags should be in attendance 🙂

The first picture shows a marina and a Signal Flag that spells “Flathead”

The second picture is a small patio near Flathead lake and the Valance spells “Home”


My next blog entry will include more pictures of the area. Enjoy!!

IB Designs, USA


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