Personalized Nautical Wedding and Reception Banners

Last year we had quite a few customers order signal flag banners for their nautical or military wedding. I thought I would do another post and show some examples. If you are planning a beach wedding or any outdoor wedding or reception our signal flags can spell out anything you want. Some have opted for the first name of each couple with a heart in between. This one shows Kerry (heart) Brian


If your tight on space the vertical with the couples intials would work also as seen below.


Lastly this gazebo shows the following:

Wedding signal flag banners
Wedding signal flag banners

Horizontal banner spells “Always”
Vertical Banner left spells “Have”
Vertical right spells “Hold”
Also popular is yacht clubs or if your marriage is to take place on a boat. These banner can become keepsakes of your special day. Also great if you are renewing your vows.
We can personalize your banner for your special day. IB Designs, USA


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