Home Accents-Nautical Valances with Signal Flags

Home Accents-Nautical Valances with Signal Flags

One of our most popular lines is our Navy Signal Flag Valances. My valance in my living room that spells “Adventure” has been up now for 1 year.

Adventure flag valance
Adventure flag valance

I have washed it several times over the year and am really happy with it. The colors are still vibrant and looks as good as it did a year ago. Because we believe in our product we wanted to see how it would hold up with normal use. I have mentioned about fabric in several of my blog posts. One of the main reasons is because when you work with good fabric you expect it too last. We are very pleased and I expect to have it up indefinitely. When I take it down to wash it looks so bare without them hanging.

Below is a beautiful bedroom with a sailing motif. By attaching the curtain rod you can add a nautical touch to any room. This banner spells “Adventure” with curtain rod attached to top of huge headboard.


While they look great on windows if you have a wall that you want to decorate you can do that also as seen below. This valance spells “Marie” in a nursery. They look great in any room.


Lastly this picture shows curtains with signal flags in-between spelling “Welcome”


We can personalize your signal flag valance to spell anything that you want. Names are quite popular but we have also seen where they just pick out their favorite flags and then hang them. Check out our Valance page for more ideas or visit our home page at IB Designs, USA


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