Communications-Morse Code,Signal flags,Ham radio operators

Since Morse Code and Signal flags are just a couple of ways of communication I thought I would delve deeper into it.  Indiana University has a great article and club. I thought I would share a small portion here:

What Can Amateur Radio Operators Do?
Ham radio operators use two-way radio stations from their homes, cars, boats and outdoors to make hundreds of friends around town and around the world. They communicate with each other using voice, computers, and Morse code. Some hams bounce their signals off the upper regions of the atmosphere, so they can talk with hams on the other side of the world. Other hams use satellites. Many use hand-held radios that fit in their pockets.

Q-signals are short, three letter codes used in CW (morse code) communication to speed up the contacts. These codes are not for voice communication, instead say what you mean. I took our signal flags below to show what it would look like and the meaning.


Although there are many more 3 letter messages this should give you a brief idea. They provide a much needed service on land and at sea. They are used a lot also in emergency situations. When whole areas are without power they are in great demand and sometimes the only way to communicate among people.


4 thoughts on “Communications-Morse Code,Signal flags,Ham radio operators

  1. I wasn’t sure myself so looked it up. Found below and it’s possible that the two pennants 3 and 9 might be it. Thanks for the question. Kathy

    Signal 39 as flown by Admiral Parker was the signal for “recall” or to “leave off the action”. Lord Nelson was made aware of the signal and put the telescope to his blind eye and declared to Foley, “I really do not see the signal!’ Nelson not only ignored the signal but forbad repeating the signal to the fleet and order the signal officer to keep the “close action” signal flying. Source: Lord Nelson, The Immortal Memory by David Howarth and Stephen Howarth, Viking 1989, page 253.
    Wayne Lovett, 24 November 2006

    Here is a link to that page if you care to read more-

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