Yachting Flags

Yachting flags are both colorful and also tell a message much like signal flags. They are both serious and humorous. The picture below shows just a few of them.


Here’s a list of some of the more humorous ones. I couldn’t find a picture of any of them but I bet they are hilarious. If anybody has a picture of any of these feel free to leave a comment as I would love to see them.

Other flags

Coffeepot: coffee is being served.

Foaming stein: beer is being served.

Martini glass: cocktails are being served.

Ball and chain: wife aboard.

Battle-axe descending: mother-in-law aboard.

Witch on broomstick: wife has gone ashore.

Witches on broomsticks: the ladies have gone ashore.

Snuggle-bunnies: we are in bed; please do not disturb.

IB Designs, USA- Home of Navy Signal Flags


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