Another Rant about JoAnn’s Fabric Flaws

Awhile back I did a post on the quality of JoAnn’s Fabric.  At that time I said that we were going to switch to fabric with better quality like those from quilt shops. At the time of my post we still had quite a bit of Symphony left.  We are almost out of it, thank goodness.  We buy quite a bit in bulk so it has taken awhile to run down.  What we have done is kept a eagle eye and had to toss quite a bit as we have gone along that had flaws in it.

I have tried talking to JoAnns in the Geneva, IL store that is close to us. When I show them the flaws I was told that it is a error in the factory and that they are not responsible for factory errors. If this was just something that happened once in awhile I could handle that but for every 10 yards that we buy at a time there is a multitude of flaws.  What we have to do is look over the fabric and cut our pieces around it.

Below is a few pictures that I took to show what I meant about flaws in the fabric.




The one thing that picture dosen’t show well is the runs in the fabric also. I have been sewing for about 40 years and this material is one of the worst that I have seen as far as flaws. If this post just helps one person then it will be worthwhile.

They are like so many chains in that Customer Service is a joke.

IB Designs, USA where quality counts!


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