Personalized Gifts for Wedding or Valentines Day

Although our main line is Navy signal flags our heart flags have also been popular. Especially for Valentines Day and also for Weddings. If you have a Nautical theme for your wedding they would look great outside or inside at either the wedding or reception.
The first picture is a close-up of both the red heart with white backround and also the white heart with red backround.

Red Heart, White Heart Flags
Red Heart, White Heart Flags

The next picture shows the couples initials with a heart in-between on a vertical banner

Vertical Banner
Vertical Banner

Also popular is having the first name of each person. The next picture shows as an example the names “Kerry”  “Heart”   “Brian” as 3 separate banners although depending on your space available it could be one long banner.

Kerry Heart Brian
Kerry Heart Brian

We can customize your order to what you need. Whether it is a vertical, horizontal or valance it can spell whatever you would like. When ordering on the order form under special instructions you can specify which Heart flag you want.

IB Designs, USA


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