Create your own Nautical Gift Basket-Christmas & Year-Round

Create your own gift basket for the nautical lover in your family.  So many gift baskets that are already put together have a few things you like but not entirely.  Although it takes time purchasing what you know the person or couple like, you can personalize it just for them.  Whether you are taking a holiday cruise, nautical wedding and honeymoon or celebrating on your boat or yacht a gift basket is a great idea. Gift baskets are great year-round but especially at Christmas time.

Here is an example picture of a bushel you could buy and fill with things that you choose for that nautical lover in your family.


Whether you choose a bushel, large basket or container you can be really creative.  Since our signal flag banners (horizontal, vertical or valances) can spell anything that you want and come sealed in a clear bag (10×13) they could be added to your gift basket. We also offer free a personalized gift sheet upon request that says: You have received a gift from…. and a short message that you choose.

If you don’t have time to put the basket together there are places where you can take all the gifts that you have bought including the bushel or basket and they will arrange them and wrap them up for you. Then you can either ship it out or give it to the person or couple themselves. Visit IB Designs, USA to order your personalized banner. They really add some great color to any basket.


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