Bravo Zulu Signal Flag meaning


I thought I knew quite a bit about signal flags but it was brought to our attention that the signal Bravo Zulu (BZ) is unknown to quite a few people. The picture above shows the 2 flags although in the military the casing on the flags would be to the left and not on top like IB Designs flags.

Bravo Zulu is a naval signal, conveyed by flaghoist or voice radio, meaning “Well Done”; it has also passed into the spoken and written vocabulary. It’s common with either the flags or to tell some one out loud Bravo Zulu.

I found the following in Wikipedia:

“”Bravo Zulu” actually comes from the Allied Naval Signal Book (ACP 175 series), an international naval signal code adopted after the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was created in 1949. Until then, each navy had used its own signal code and operational manuals. World War II experience had shown that it was difficult, or even impossible, for ships of different navies to operate together unless they could readily communicate, and ACP 175 was designed to remedy this. To read more about this check out the Bravo Zulu page on Wikipedia.

We just added the  The Bravo Zulu Award to our website where you can buy your own. Also check out my newest blog post on the BZ Award here

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