Navy Signal Flag Decorations for the Holidays

It’s hard to believe that we are already in the middle of November. Here in northern IL the weather is starting to get really cold and it makes me daydream about the south and the warm temperatures. Since we get a fair amount of snow I have been doing some research on southern Christmas. I really like the idea of combining a touch of the south but to also use a nautical theme such as our signal flags. Southern Christmas revolve around the Christmas tree and of course the food.  Since our signal flags are colorful I thought it would look great in a room or on the tree. Maybe with the family name or child’s name. The picture below shows a room from Florida with a Christmas palm and with a banner that spells “Christmas” in Navy signal flags.

Signal Flag spells "Christmas"
Signal Flag spells "Christmas"

The next picture is with a fireplace. The top banner spells “Merry” and the second banner spells “Christmas”. If you are decorating for christmas and the holidays it could easily spell in signal flags your family name since we can personalize it to whatever you want to spell.

Merry Christmas Banners
Merry Christmas Banners

To order a banner for yourself or as a gift visit IB Designs, USA


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