Nautical Christmas Gifts for the Holiday Season-Navy Signal Flags

It’s hard to believe that the Christmas holidays are just around the corner. Although we sell navy signal flags all year round, the holidays are a special time. Are you looking for an unusual nautical Christmas gift, something to do with boating? What about a personalized signal flag banner?

Our quality, handcrafted flags make a great Christmas present because they last. A signal flag banner could become a family heirloom, passed down from generation to generation. For the sailor on your list, these banners can dress up their boat for a yachting club party, year after year.

Signal flags make a great holiday party decoration! The bright, primary colors are great for creating a festive mood. String the family name when everyone gathers at to eat and reminisce. You could hang a name banner across the porch or near the front of the driveway to help everyone to find your house.

If you have a loved one coming home for Thanksgiving or Christmas, why not hang a “Welcome Home” banner? Signal flags make a great holiday military gift as well.

By the way, we can include a free gift message with any order, if you’d like to have us mail your gift for you. Shipping to an APO address or anywhere overseas is only $10. Otherwise, shipping to anywhere in the continental US is free!

Here is an example of our gift message:


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