The Truth of Textile Mills & Fabric- Update

In a previous post I said that we were going to do some experimenting and we are happy with the results. We found that Kona Cotton Canary will work great for the yellow that is in our signal flags. It is 100% cotton with less than 1/16th shrinkage when ironed. We also found a great place to purchase it online.

They are called Hancock’s of Paducah.  I ordered from them and it took a little over a week and the material was excellent like those found in quilt shops. I will be ordering from them again.

We are slowing pulling away from purchasing fabric at JoAnn’s as the quality is going down but the price is going up. The other thing that drives me nuts there is the quality of help. As an example we went into JoAnn’s and wanted to know where the yardsticks and rulers were. The clerk told us they don’t carry them which I found odd. We started searching and found them ourselves.  I wonder how many customers would have believed the clerk and just left. You would think that it would be in their best interest to have clerks that at least know the merchandise that is in the store.

In this economy as the big chains offer less and less of what you are looking for my hope is that the quilt shops will continue to grow, and fill a growing need.


2 thoughts on “The Truth of Textile Mills & Fabric- Update

  1. Craig

    One of the reasons fabric is so bad in so many chain shops is that the textile industry is one of the oldest to come under international trade protection. The government is basically paying these companies whether they make good or crappy fabric.

    Wish I had a business where it didn’t matter if I showed up or didn’t, did the job or didn’t, or even if I knew anything about it. Maybe I can get a job working for the Dept. of Streets and Sanitation for the city of Chicago!

  2. I agree and it is up to the consumers to demand better. If there is enough of us to ban together and shop elsewhere other than the big chains it might make an impact.


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